DELATA: A Parol-[Lantern]-Head Gallery

3V & Sigbinan

+++++++++++ Core Team +++++++++++


Invited artists will create their own character illuminated 'parol-heads' touching on the theme of creatures known as Sigbin, from the Philippines. Inside each head is a diorama world to peek into from behind.DELATA is a word for canned food in the Philippines, the container delivering the contents of protected and sealed 'food' inside. Islands adopted canned food after its introduction in World War II and because of being an import was considered 'prestigious' to eat.Canned food today can denote the lack of fresh grown produce and loss of basic farming knowledge.DELATA is itself, mobile art gallery delivering art content.

Support from Mugna Gallery [Negros Oriental PH]:

Contributing Artists, Studio 201 [Cebu PH]: